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10 Ways To Fit Fitness In

Now a-days our daily schedules can be insane to manage. Between work, afternoon activities, PTA meetings, grocery shopping, laundry, and appointments who the heck has time left to workout on a consistent basis? We do more and have much less time for ourselves. And when our daytimer is filled to the brim the first thing to come off that list is usually our health. And next thing you know you haven’t moved your body in months. But don’t fear, it is possible to get back on track AND to fit fitness into your everyday life. It’s time to rethink everyday fitness and here’s how you can fit the fit back into your days:

1. Move with your family. The chariot and a bike seat saved my life for the first five years of my sons existance. Now his bike does. And so do weekends filled with family adventures. Fitness doesn’t always have to happen when your partners at work and your kids have a babysitter. Ive been known to pull out squats while the kid was playing on the playground on a regular basis.

2. Get some equipment. A skipping rope, and a kettlebell and you will be set to go for months worth of options. Need ideas for workouts with minimal equipment? Check out the new 30-day anywhere anytime workout ebook in the Go Active online store for plenty of options for all levels.

3. Take something out. If you really want to put something into your schedule, the chances are very high that something else needs to come out. This might be extra work, the course your taking, being present to every single hockey game of the kids, or the volunteer gig you’ve had forever. It’s more than okay to say no to something else to make room for YOU and your health.

4. Get up earlier. If you currently get up at 8am, maybe it’s time to set the alarm a little bit earlier to make the most of all the hours in the day. There is nothing better than kick starting your day with a 20 minute living room sweat. It may take you a bit to get into the routine, but I promise before you know it, you wont want to start your days any other way.

5. Go to bed earlier. The first step to conquering #4 is to get your butt in bed earlier. Start with 15 mins intervals, adding on additional time every three nights. Before you know it, your body will be getting up on its own AND will feel rested thanks to an earlier bedtime.

6. Start small. Don’t be fooled, just 10 minutes of movement can make a difference. Start with adding in a ten minute fitness break this week, and then add in additional ten minute breaks weekly. Within 6 weeks you will have an hour of fitness daily.  Boom.

7. Use your lunch hour wisely. Do you work through lunch? Do you go out to eat? How can you change this up? Have you considered using at least a portion of your lunch break for fitness? Even just a 20 min walk outside can be benefitical.

8. Get a treadmill desk. The expense may be high here but consider the savings on gym memberships. Talk to your HR department if you have one, do your research and compare the costs (and benefits) of the moving/working multi-task.

9. Count your steps. If you are competitive, try using a pedometer to count your steps daily. Set daily and weekly goals and watch the numbers climb.

10. Make a plan. Don’t just wing it. Schedule it. Write it down. And stick to it as if it was the most important meeting in your book. Because it likely is.

Make it a consistent priority to put fitness into your life. Plan for it and make the most of the small moments of time where you could be moving. We are have the time, so choose wisely WHAT you want to do if yours! Need more help fitting fitness into your everyday life? Watch my Monday May 21st Facebook Live on the Move Eat Play group for advice on how I make it all work!

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