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9 Tools To Get YOU Moving (More)

It’s February…. are you still on the couch promising yourself to get moving this year? Are you struggling to stick with your new workout routine? Could you use more reasons to get motivated and on track?

Here’s the thing your body NEEDS to move. And I don’t just mean from your living room to your driveway. The list is long of all the things happening to your body when you don’t move on a regular basis. Sedentary life has some serious longterm consequences. 20% of all deaths of people 35 and older are attributed to a lack of physical activity. That statistic in itself should be enough to get you up and moving. But if it’s not and you could benefit from more then a few good motivational tips to get you moving, then read on for my 9 favourite tools to get everyone in your house onboard with physical fitness:

1. A balance board. In my experience, if it’s fun, you are more likely to do it on a regular basis. A variety of balance boards exist from DIY options, to top of the line $100 ones and everything in-between. Shop around, find a deal and then ensure this piece of equipment lives in the living room where everyone can play with it on a regular basis.

2. Active Apps. Two of my favourites being ‘couch to 5K’ and ‘Pocket Yoga’. Couch to 5K  is an easy to follow 5Km, 9 week training plan for beginner runners. With Pocket Yoga you can keep up with your practice at your own pace in the comforts of your own home. Simply roll out your mat, place your device in front, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

3. A 15 or 20lbs Kettlebell. Swings, ground to overheads, presses, turkish get-ups, thrusters, goblet squats, snatches….is there any move you can’t do with a kettle bell? 15 or 20lbs is a great place to start for everyone, from there you can move up for your heavier needs.

4. A Foam Roller. The best tool in my opinion to keep you limber and loose. Keep it somewhere convenient for nightly thoracic spine opening, hip rolling, and calf loosen. Kids equally love the ability to build with the foam rollers, so double win 😉

5. A Yoga Mat. Evening stretch sessions, 5 minute end of day decompressions, or motivation to get to your local studio, the options are endless with just a simple mat.

6. New Runners. Nothing is more motivating in my books then bright, fresh, new shoes. Averaging around $100 a pair, the money I spend on new runners is enough to get my out the door to use them.

7. A Skipping Rope. Have you ever tried skipping for 5 minutes straight before? The cardio workout is an amazing with this affordable tool. Add it into a home workout, take it to the gym with you, practice on your driveway, or take it in your suitcase next time you head out of town. The skipping rope will don’t disappoint.

8. A Pull-Up Bar or Rings. Most people think they don’t have the ability to put up a pull-up bar in there home. Most are wrong. Think out of the box here. Beams in your basement for rings to hang? A sturdy doorway to put one of the many pull-up bars up? How about outdoors in a tree or on your deck area? I live in a regular single family home in the city and I can think of a handful of places I could get creative with a pulling mechanism.

9. A Plan. Now a days there are tons of home workout plans you can invest in for very little money. Amazon books with pages filled with workout ideas, plans created by professional coaches, and workouts just a google search away. Invest in a plan and you will benefit that much more. Check out our online affiliate store for a few home program options.

Getting into a fitness routine isn’t easy. It takes time and requires a change to your environment, and your mentality. There are countless tools on the market that can help keep you on track and inspired. I prefer tools that are affordable, functional, small and don’t end up as clothes hangers in your basement like the BowFlex did 😉 May these tools do just that!

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