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About Us

My Story

I have a long history with food, activity and inactivity. But I will save that story for another time. My husband and I met over coffee and downhill skiing. We shared a love for moving and being outside. We enjoyed eating good food and he has always been by my side when I wanted to push the limits of nutrition. When we became parents, our very active and healthy lives were challenged by time, scheduling, toddler meltdowns, puppy training, flourishing careers and everything in-between. It’s a very typical phase families go through where one of two things happen: 1) you either get caught up in the race of life and forget to make health and fitness a priority or you 2) do whatever possible to incorporate moving, and eating healthy, and playing into your ‘new’ lives.

We chose option #2. And that’s what this blog, our social media presence, our programs and products are ALL about! I hope that we can inspire you, motivate you and help you and your family move often, eat real food and play outside!

Meet the Family

I feel so darn lucky to get my daily inspiration to do what I do from the people I love most. I feel supported, and motivated to grow, work hard and push the boundaries of my health, fitness and dreams. And the material I get from our family is bar-none!


The face behind the computer, that’s me. Big-cautious-impatient-dreamer, business owner, mother and wife.  Age 39 (I think). Health & Fitness Coach. Mountain biker. Real food cooker. SUP’er. Trail runner. Travel LOVER. And a wanna-be writer.

Chason Ryder

Quiet one second & fierce the next, my one-and-only baby. Age 5. Loves to bike, colour, create & run wild in nature. I learn more for this child than anyone else on this planet. Period.


Full-time hard-working military SAR Tech & husband extraordinaire. Age 42. Winter lover at heart he once confessed he wouldn’t do the whole beach vacation thing (little did he know!). Loves to bike & ski, laugh at his own jokes, & to cuddle ALL-THE-TIME. 


Your typical high-energy, never tires out chocolate lab. Age 3 . Loves to play fetch, swim for hours on end, go for runs and mtn bike rides and eat his dinner in three seconds.