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Eat Real Food

The Healthy (And Fast) Dinner Everyone In Your House Will Love

Convenient, colourful, fast, flexible, delicious and a favourite in this house. Can you guess what this amazing dinner might be? No matter what you call it (buddha bowl, glory bowl, dinner bowl), we all SHOULD love a well-built bowl. A bowl can fit everyone’s dietary needs in your house and …

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Four Of My Favourite Treats Made HealthIER

People often think because my family is mostly dairy, wheat and refined sugar free that we only eat veggies and meat. Little do they know. Life is all about balance and my family and I enjoy all the things you do: the donuts, the potato chips, the ice cream and …

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Real Food School Lunches

In September, they are fun to make. In November, you are in the routine and they just happen. By January, you don’t know what to make anymore. And by March, you never want to make another one again. School lunches: love them, hate them, no-choice but to make them. Now …

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Your Real Food Guide to Eating Out

Regardless of what eating plan I am using to reach my goals, it’s main focus is ALWAYS real food based. I shop the perimeter of the grocery store, frequent farmers markets, cook and bake from scratch, buy my meat direct, and grow when I can. And I encourage my clients …

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7 Tips to Get your Family Eating More Real Foods

As the years go by and your nutrition habits get stronger, making solid food choices gets easIER BUT there is always work to be done. I constantly assess where we are with our family eating habits. Are we getting sick too often for our liking (the gut and immune connections …

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The Next Adventure

  The boys and I just returned from a magical 10 days on the East Coast of Canada. It was restful, playful, and inspiring. We spent our days moving our bodies in the morning with ocean view trail runs and lush forest mountain bike rides. Then we ‘wasted’ afternoon hours …

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