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When It’s Time To Break Up With Your Scale

Day 1: “I’m so excited. It’s Monday. Fresh start. I’m committed this time. Time to lose ___ number of pounds.” Day 3: “Yes the scale is moving down. This is amazing. Why didn’t I do this sooner. It’s really not as hard as I thought it would be.” Day 8: …

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9 Healthy Habits That Create Big Results

We often think we need to make large scale changes in order to achieve our health and fitness goals. But in theory (and practice), this is far from the truth. It’s all those small tiny changes you make with your daily life that add up AND stick overtime. 

I challenge …

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11 Ways Death Has Taught Me To Live

If you had just 9 months or 6 or 3 days left to live, what would do with your time? Now here’s a reality check: there is a strong chance if you had that short of time left on this earth, you wouldn’t be able to do many of those …

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Tips On Prioritizing Your Health

Most recently I wrote about committing day in and day out to being consistent with your health and fitness goals. But there is one more piece of the equation I have yet to talk about. Prioritize + Commitment + Consistency = Achievement See if you don’t first prioritize your overall …

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Strategies For Overcoming Lack Of Motivation

Sometimes its just hard to get your ass in gear. The couch is comfortable, your favourite tv series is addicting, the kids are whiney, the task list is overwhelming and well, you just don’t want too. Fitness and health take time, there is no doubt about that. I most recently …

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Fitness on a Budget

There is no denying that we all know that being active is good for us. It benefits our sleep, our immune health, our mental well-being and our overall self confidence. But it can also feel like it breaks the bank, and I often hear from clients that they can’t afford …

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