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How To Sit Less And Improve Your Overall Health Today

Between commuting, school classes, office work, netfliks, dinners, and sport watching how much sitting do you think you do in a day? The shocking national average is a whooping  10 hours a day of SIT time, not including anything to do with the hours you sleep. Craaaazzay. The impacts of what they now call the sitting disease, may be one of the most unanticipated health threats of our time. And research is showing as total sedentary time increases, so does early death. “But I go to the gym daily,” might be your response. But even those that spend hours working out weekly but still sit for countless hours the risks are equally alarming and real.

But you are in luck as simple lifestyle changes CAN make a big difference. So what you can do NOW to cut down your daily sitting time? Try these tips for sitting less:

1. Alternate between sitting and standing during your office time. Work on a computer task then get up and walk to the printer. Sit back down for another task and then switch gears to complete another task standing up. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Break the cycle of sitting for all your tasks and your body will benefit.

2. Walk and talk for your meetings or family phone talks. We often spend professional and personal time on our cell phones while we sit in our office chairs or kick our feet up on the couch. Break this habit but vowing to make all phone time moving time.

3. Get a standing desk. The research is there. The benefits are countless. And the price tags are not as helty as they use to be. Talk to your HR department. Check your benefits packages. And last resort, cough up the expense and reap all the benefits, you will not regret this.

4. Set a get-up alarm for every 30 minutes. We need reminders. Often. Like all the time. Use your phone alarm to remind you to get up often, as just a few minutes of standing and or moving can counter the negatives of sitting all day.

5. Get a step counter to motivate you with a daily or weekly goal to move. We all have a little bit of competive nature in our bodies. Use this to your benefit by setting a step goal and crushing it. I guarantee this will help you second guess that need to plant your butt on the couch every night.

The benefits of sitting less are enormous. From lowering your risk of serious disease, increase productivity and mood, toning muscles and relieving aches and pains, bone health, calorie burning, heart health… the list goes on and on. Small changes to your daily routine can make a big impact. Sit less move more and you will live longer. Period. For more ideas of how to sit less, watch this weeks FB LIVE on our Move Eat Play online group!

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