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How to Stay on Track with your New Years Goals

Did you make new years goals or resolutions for 2018? Are they fresh in your mind and you are full throttle to achieving big things this year? If you are then congratulations because starting is one of the hardest steps.  It’s one week into 2018, and before you know it will be three months into the year. Time flies, I don’t need to remind you of that. This next week or two is PIVOTAL for success. Either you fall off and stay off, or you pick yourself up at all the bumps in the road. Which path will you be on? How will you overcome the bumps and get back on the path to success? If you are committed to staying on track, read on for my favourite tips to help you crush this year’s goal.

1. Prepare for week two slumps. It WILL come, trust me. So face that fact and plan how you will overcome the hard moments. Keep that plan handy and refer to it when you feel like packing in and reverting back to your old ways.

2. Take it one day (or one hour at a time). Stop thinking about next month or next week. Focus on the now. The choices you can make today. Plan for the next hour, tackle it, and then move on to the next hour. All the hours add up to the days and all the days add up to the weeks.

3.Get rid of the idea of perfection. It doesn’t exist. So now that we have that out of the way, remind yourself you are human. Humans ALL fail. But the most successful humans get back up and keep trucking along.

4.Learn from your mistakes. Fall, get up and most importantly LEARN. Every time you mess up, reflect on what happened, and how you can mitigate it from happening in the future.  Journaling is a great learning tool.

5.Create distractions (healthy ones). Baths, walks, books, sit-ups, writing, knitting…. you name your thing that helps take your mind off of defeating your goals and use these distractions daily. Schedule healthy distractions for key times of the day (evening snack times perhaps?) and eliminate unhealthy habits at challenging times (late night TV series watching).

6.Small habit changes overtime. Stop trying to build Rome in a day. If you want to create a lifetime habit, then start small. Start with running two times a week. Start with eating more vegetables. Start with going to bed 20 minutes early. Whatever you do, just start and keep the momentum going.

7. Make adjustments. If you start out with a goal to train for a half marathon but one week into running you have shin splints and you are detesting every moment on the pavement, then stop, reassess and make some changes to the plan. Being uncomfortable is good but being stressed out and taxed to the max is another thing. Listen to your body, and your mind and make adjustments as you go.

At this time next year you will be happy with the things you stayed on course with, or will you be disappointed with the things you didn’t push for? How will this year goals and resolutions be different then previous years? I challenge you to apply the above strategies and push for what you want most in 2018. “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Dan Millman


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