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Strategies For Overcoming Lack Of Motivation

Sometimes its just hard to get your ass in gear. The couch is comfortable, your favourite tv series is addicting, the kids are whiney, the task list is overwhelming and well, you just don’t want too. Fitness and health take time, there is no doubt about that. I most recently wrote about committing to consistency to achieve everything you ever wanted with your health. But where do you get the darn motivation to do so if you are stuck in a rut of feeling just plain blah? Well I am here to your rescue: my top eight fav strategies for overcoming that lack of motivation you are so feeling. Apply one or all, be patient, keep at it and I promise little by little that kick in your step WILL be back before you know it!

1. Dream Big, Start Small, Act Now. What are your grandest health and wellness goals? To run a marathon? To compete on stage? To deadlift 500lbs? To loss 56lbs? Now how can we break that big ass awesomeness into small weekly and daily steps? Will you meal plan this week and run 3 days? Will you stock the fridge with goodness and join a gym? Whatever the big and small the key is to JUST START. Move forward no matter how small your steps are.

2. Change It Up. Here’s the thing: our minds and bodies like change. They don’t like the same sh*t day in and day out. They want to be surprised, challenged and on their toes. Changing your workout atmosphere, your meal plans, your times of day, your classes, your snack pack….all these things can have a great effect on your motivation.

3. Find Your Inspirations. What inspires you? Who is your role model? What makes you think twice about certain actions in the wrong direction? And what sets you on fire to get up and work hard for your goals? Whatever or whoever that is find it and put that sh*t all over the place. On your phone. On your fridge. In your journal. Beside the candy bowl at work. EVERYWHERE. Cultivate the environment that supports success.

4. Download A New Playlist. Have you ever had a favourite song come onto the radio that makes you dance and sing like no bodies watching? Music is a powerful tool. So use it. And change it up often.

5. Register For Something NOW. A fun race. A class. A photoshoot. A vacation. Whatever it is, book it, pay for it and let it help propel your motivation going forward.

6. Say No More Often. Stop filling your schedule with the stuff you don’t actually want to do. The social engagements. The non-mandatory meetings. The this and the that that you can actually say no too. Start saying no today and make room for the yes’s that motivate you to move and eat well.

7. Practice Self-Care. I spend 3 minutes every morning breathing and sitting still. I workout mid-day. I tell myself I am worthy multi-times a day. I breath fresh air. I take breaks often. Do you get where I am going here? During the course of a 24-hour period I practice small acts of self-care all the friggin time. These ‘breaks’ from the chaos give me the energy I need to stay motivated to move towards my goals.

8. Celebrate. You know what’s motivating? A new darn pair of tights. You know what else? A sushi dinner with friends. Setting a goal is important but you know what is equally motivating? Celebrating achievements big AND small.

Motivation can be hard to dig up. But its worth cultivating an environment filled with inspiration and positivity. It’s worth the new tunes, the scheduling, the turn downs and the races. It’s worth every bit of effort and small forward steps. Because before you know it, the motivation will be flowing again and you will be rocking your goals left right and centre!


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