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Tips for Adventures On The Cheap

“A job fills your pocket but adventure fills your soul.” I’m pretty sure I’ve spent a better part of the last 18 years thinking about my next adventure. And I’m not just talking about jumping on a plane and flying south (but I do think of that often too). I …

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It’s Always Bike & Ice Cream Season

A month rarely goes by without some form of adventure in our family. This doesn’t always mean overnight trips, long drives, or airplane rides (though occasionally it does). Some of our favourite and most frequent days are filled with activity, fresh air and good eats right in our own backyard. …

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Brighton Adventures

Hidden between Cobourg beach and the gateway to the County, Brighton is a gem like no other. This town caught our eye as soon as we moved to the area five years ago. It’s a small character town, with friendly folks, good coffee, a lake near-by, a provincial park down …

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Family Fall Weekend in Ottawa

How many times do you turn the car around before leaving for a trip because you realize you forgot something? I’m pretty sure our neighbours take bets on how many times we do. Blankie, sunglasses, cell phones, runners, you name it, we forget it. Once I even forgot my passport …

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Markets, Reptiles and Forest Runs! 

We down our breakfast and pack up the last of our stuff for our day trip. The night before we did our usually family system of picking adventure days and then locating a destination that fits the needs and wants of everyone. First stop: Peterborough Farmer’s Market (my pick!). We …

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7 Tips to Help Parents Get and STAY Active

There are only so many hours in the day. Some of us have the luxury of lunch time swims, morning runs or early afternoon workouts. Some of us feel like just getting out the door in the morning is a workout in itself. And even more of us struggle hard …

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