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7-Days of Christmas Holiday Workouts

Vow to make this Christmas Holiday season the one where you keep your health a priority. Vow to keep your food intake in-check (next week’s blog) and to keep moving your body. Because we all know when you move, you feel better. And when you feel better, you make better …

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7 Movements You Should Add Into Your Workout Routine

We love to squat with a barbell, crank out push-ups and get on the rower to burn some calories and get strong. But are we making maximum gains to be fully functional in life? Personally, I care most about being able to carry our 20L water bottles inside from the …

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6 Tips for Staying Active while Travelling

The fan is gently spinning above me, the roosters are having their morning ritual in the distance, the stars are still out and no other family-being is stirring. It would be VERY easy for me to close my eyes again and go back to my blissful Mexican dreams. But I …

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6 Reasons Why Moms Aren’t Exercising

I have seriously HEARD IT ALL from moms. The legit reasons like the baby is sick, the mother-in-law needs help, or the car is broken down. The excuses that tell me you just aren’t ready to make fitness a regular part of your life: you are sore, you slept-in, you …

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