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The Power of Sun

It was 11am and I was already ready for a nap. This was day three of dragging my October butt around. My mental clarity was missing and the kick in my step was something coffee couldn’t even cure. Am I getting sick? Is my sleep quality not there? Is my stress abnormally high? Am I missing something in my diet these days? What the heck is different this week then last week. WAIT A SECOND. It hits me.

Fast forward 24 hours and 5,000 units of quality vitamin d drops and no joke, my fall blues and fatigue have literally disappeared. This all made perfect sense now. In the summer I spend 75% of my waking hours outside. My career allows me to move and play outdoors regularly and my family and personal life follow suit. While others excitement and anticipation of the change from summer to fall is high, mine is the exact opposite. I thrive in hot temperatures. The humidity doesn’t bother me (especially after living in South East Asia for a while). I live for the beach, for flip flops, ice coffees, park picnics and LOTS sunshine. Every last second of sunshine. So, though I do appreciate the beautiful leaves, the crisp air, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and crockpot cooking, the CHANGE in sunshine hours really affects someone like me.

It’s estimated 3% of Canadians are affected by seasonal depression. And I suspect it’s way higher than this due to unreported cases (like mine). Human skin can make large amounts of vitamin D when lots of skin is exposed and the sun is high in the sky. Your body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. Enter Northern country living. Exit the sunshine vitamin during at least half of the year (sometimes more depending on where exactly you live). Fall and winter months can therefore have a huge affect on your immune, bone, and mental health. All in all, being deficient in vitamin D is one of the best ways to sabotage your health.

Sooo what to do? Consult with a naturopath, holistic professional, and/or do your own research. There is a reason behind everything your body feels and shows. Don’t ignore it. Dig deeper, ask questions and start reading. And go get your damn vitamin d supplement TODAY!

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