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Tips On Prioritizing Your Health

Most recently I wrote about committing day in and day out to being consistent with your health and fitness goals. But there is one more piece of the equation I have yet to talk about.

Prioritize + Commitment + Consistency = Achievement

See if you don’t first prioritize your overall health then it’s merely impossible to stay consistent. You will constantly be throw off by all the other life things ‘getting in the way’. Excuses will be plentiful and you will feel like a failure for not committing. When truly it’s that you haven’t prioritized.

Some years ago, I fell upon an article written by Randi Zuckerberg titled: ‘Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Pick 3’. I can’t even count how many times I have passed this gem on to yet another client or friend trying to do it all. Doing it all doesn’t exist for anyone. It is critical for you to ask yourself: “what’s most important to me RIGHT NOW?” Career? Family? Social time? Clean house? Fitness? Food? Sleep? _____? Month to month, week to week this may change. The important piece is assessing and accepting where you are at NOW. When you prioritize your days and weeks in line with what you most, committing to it will happen more natural and consistency will feel easier.

Need some help with making your health and fitness a priority? Here’s a few tips on where to start:

1. Accept. If your workouts and your diet are in fact on your most important list, then accept that other areas may fall to the side. Your house might be less clean and your social life may lack but it will be worth every missing sock and every missed pub date.

2. Get Efficient with Multi-Tasking. Can you combine your workouts with your social time? Can you get your family involved with food prepping? Can you listen to an audio book and learn while you walk? Double up and crush two birds with one stone.

3. Get Organized. Spend every Sunday looking at the past week and planning for the next one. Make adjustments to priority areas and schedule in meal planning, workouts, lunch making, grocery shopping, outdoor walks and meditation sessions.

4. Get Help. Will a regular babysitter help you get your workouts in? Would a health coach keep you accountable and maximize your limited time? Would a meal-kit delivery service help your meal prep? Figure out the areas that you need support with and get the help before it gets in the way of staying on track.

5. Work Backwards. Maybe you know that Spring is a crazy time at work which should mean that February is a great time to stock the freezer with easy access meals and baking. Maybe summers are nutzo with travel so you purchase a home workout program in June to prepare. Determine the times of the year (or weeks) that are most crazy and work backwards to be proactive with your health and fitness.

Understanding where your priorities lie will help you understand why you aren’t achieving specific goals and what you need to do to make it happen. Set some time aside daily or weekly and commit to what you really want. It isn’t selfish to make your health and fitness a priority, in fact I worry more about the people that DON’T. <3

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