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The Power of Sun

It was 11am and I was already ready for a nap. This was day three of dragging my October butt around. My mental clarity was missing and the kick in my step was something coffee couldn’t even cure. Am I getting sick? Is my sleep quality not there? Is my …

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6 Reasons Why Moms Aren’t Exercising

I have seriously HEARD IT ALL from moms. The legit reasons like the baby is sick, the mother-in-law needs help, or the car is broken down. The excuses that tell me you just aren’t ready to make fitness a regular part of your life: you are sore, you slept-in, you …

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Markets, Reptiles and Forest Runs! 

We down our breakfast and pack up the last of our stuff for our day trip. The night before we did our usually family system of picking adventure days and then locating a destination that fits the needs and wants of everyone. First stop: Peterborough Farmer’s Market (my pick!). We …

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7 Tips to Help Parents Get and STAY Active

There are only so many hours in the day. Some of us have the luxury of lunch time swims, morning runs or early afternoon workouts. Some of us feel like just getting out the door in the morning is a workout in itself. And even more of us struggle hard …

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What is your calm amongst the chaos?

I am rushing around like a lunatic packing bags, prepping food and tidying the house. The kid is screaming at the top of his lungs and running around the house half naked with a sword. The dog is following suit (minus the sword). The husband isn’t even home, yet my …

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