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11 Ways Death Has Taught Me To Live

If you had just 9 months or 6 or 3 days left to live, what would do with your time? Now here’s a reality check: there is a strong chance if you had that short of time left on this earth, you wouldn’t be able to do many of those …

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Four Of My Favourite Treats Made HealthIER

People often think because my family is mostly dairy, wheat and refined sugar free that we only eat veggies and meat. Little do they know. Life is all about balance and my family and I enjoy all the things you do: the donuts, the potato chips, the ice cream and …

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Tips On Prioritizing Your Health

Most recently I wrote about committing day in and day out to being consistent with your health and fitness goals. But there is one more piece of the equation I have yet to talk about. Prioritize + Commitment + Consistency = Achievement See if you don’t first prioritize your overall …

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Tips for Adventures On The Cheap

“A job fills your pocket but adventure fills your soul.” I’m pretty sure I’ve spent a better part of the last 18 years thinking about my next adventure. And I’m not just talking about jumping on a plane and flying south (but I do think of that often too). I …

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8 Ways To Get Outside More Often

We work inside, we park inside, we eat inside, we play inside. Our inside time is then filled with computer screens, televisions, phones and fluorescent lights. At least 22 hours out of most adult’s days are spent INSIDE and it’s having a huge effect on our overall health. We are …

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