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The Healthy (And Fast) Dinner Everyone In Your House Will Love

Convenient, colourful, fast, flexible, delicious and a favourite in this house. Can you guess what this amazing dinner might be? No matter what you call it (buddha bowl, glory bowl, dinner bowl), we all SHOULD love a well-built bowl. A bowl can fit everyone’s dietary needs in your house and …

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10 Ways To Fit Fitness In

Now a-days our daily schedules can be insane to manage. Between work, afternoon activities, PTA meetings, grocery shopping, laundry, and appointments who the heck has time left to workout on a consistent basis? We do more and have much less time for ourselves. And when our daytimer is filled to …

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3 Effective Ways to Get Your Six Pack

Let’s be honest: who doesn’t want a six-pack? We are bombarded with magazine photos of fitness women showing off their flat tummies and social media pics of firefighting men with their washboard abs. We want them and we want them bad. So, we head to the gym and start doing …

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9 Healthy Habits That Create Big Results

We often think we need to make large scale changes in order to achieve our health and fitness goals. But in theory (and practice), this is far from the truth. It’s all those small tiny changes you make with your daily life that add up AND stick overtime. 

I challenge …

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