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21 Habits To Add Into Your August Routine To Keep You On Track

We are into August, the last full month of summer, the last weeks of kid’s holidays, and the last of long days at the beach and bonfire. And for the last month or two there is a good chance you have been making summer excuses for putting aside your health and fitness goals. So, let me ask you this: once September arrives, will you feel strong and accomplished from your summer or will you feel over gluttonous and blah? You have the power to choose and to change your outcome NOW. And adding in small daily doses of healthy habits can make the world of difference. Have your mojito if you want it, grab that summer bbq hot dog if you love it, and eat up that smore if you must….BUT also add in healthy habits that will ensure you don’t get too off course from goal crushing. These 21 habits get my clients into the summer health groove in no time. Try adding in one habit a day and before you know it you will be back on track and balancing your summer fun with your summer health.

1. Plan your dinners. Find one hour of one day every single week and take the time to plan your week ahead. Don’t overcomplicate it. Stay consistent, simple, and healthy.

2. Fill your fridge and cupboards with 95% healthy real foods. If it’s there you will eat it.

3. Go OUT for the treats as oppose to keeping them in the house. If it’s not there you won’t eat it.

4. Drink lemon water in the morning. Start everyday by awakening your body with a healthy dose of hydration.

5. Take a probiotic daily. Good gut health = great digestive, immune and mental health.

6. Limit your coffee intake. I promise you I too, love coffee. BUT besides being delicious it also has the ability to stall your weight loss, drain your adrenals and mess with your precious sleep.

7. Drink kombucha. A great substitute for pop, coffee or juice, this power drink with give you the afternoon kick in your step and gut boosting that we all could use every now and again!

8. Stand up. Often. Your metabolism will thank you.

9. Take a nap. Grab 20 minutes of shut eye when you can.

10. Fill your plate. Just make it ¾ protein and veggies and be flexible with the rest.

11. Have fresh fruit for dessert. If you are craving something sweet post dinner grab some local berries or fresh watermelon in place of that ice cream or cake.

12. Do what you love. What makes you happy? Biking? Knitting? Soccer? Music? Whatever it is, do it and do it often.

13. Scare yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. Fear can be a good thing every now and again.

14. Plan something adventurous. A road trips. A weekend away. Camping. A hike. Add doses of active adventure into your summer weeks.

15. Turn it all off. Get off your screen for a few hours or a full day. You will feel more connected and calmer.

16. Stretch Often. A limber body is a happy body.

17. Go to bed early. Sleep is even more important than exercise.

18. Little bits of movement often. Away on vacay and think you don’t have time to move? Think again, even 5 minutes of movement a handful of times a day can be beneficial.

19. Try your hand at intermittent fasting. This can be a great tool to experiment with, though not for everyone, IF can give your digestive track a break daily and help manage calorie intake.

20. Track what you are eating every now and again. How much do you really eat daily? How much should you be eating daily? Sometimes using a calorie tracking app can help you manage your intake better.

21. Drink a glass of water in between each margarita. Hydrate in-between your summer cocktails and curb the dehydration and tomorrows headache.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a little bit of healthy added into your everyday. After all it’s the small changes consistently that make the sustainable difference in the long term. Need more help finding your balance in staying on track AND enjoying our summer? Watch this week’s Facebook Live on the Move Eat Play group (www.facebook.com/moveeatplay)!


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