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34 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Every season my family and I break out the chart paper and the colourful markers and we sit down to make our bucket list for the months ahead. Summer is certainly our favourite memory making season. The days are some of the longest and the weather is some of the warmest making it the perfect time for ample physical activity, lots of yummy eats, way more outdoor time and tons of adventures!  So, I thought I’d share with you 34 summer bucket list ideas to get you inspired to make this summer YOUR best yet!

1. Go for a trail run. Some of my local favourites are Macaulay Mountain Conservation area in Picton and Batawa Ski  Hill area in Quinte West.

2. Enjoy a beach dinner. You can’t beat packing up a picnic dinner and heading to North Beach for an evening of sand castles, swims and yummy finger foods.

3. Try out a park workout. 30-20-10 of bench step-ups, jumping pullups, air squats and sit-ups is one of my favourites.

4. Make your own lemonade. Fresh lemons, raw local honey, and filtered water. Stir and consume. Make a stand and earn some coin for bonus points.

5. Visit a new park or playground. Batawa’s wooden park or Wellington’s park by Lake Ontario are two of our frequently visited locations.

6. Make your own ice cream. Fresh local strawberries, coconut milk, maple syrup, and vanilla in the blender can make some smooth deliciousness.

7. Go bike riding. If you love trails try out Goodrich Loomis Conservation area near Brighton or if you’re a pavement fan, use the waterfront trail in Belleville.

8. Have a water balloon fight. For under $5 you can have a ton of backyard fun on a warm summers day.

9. Make a new summer salad. Local blueberries, goat cheese, maple pecans and a homemade dressing: mmmmmm.

10. Make your own popsicles. Frozen coconut water makes for refreshing afternoon licks.

11. Enter a fun race. Spartans, foam runs, mud runs, trail runs, walking races….whatever you choose, entering a race for fun can be a great way to motivate you to move all summer long.

12. Clock your miles at your local zoo. Start your Fitbit and get walking while you feed the ducks and watch the giraffes. We absolutely love the free Peterborough Zoo.

13. Try yoga in the park. Grab your mat one early morning and head on the grass for some sun salutations. If you prefer group yoga, check out Yoga by The Bay for United Way happening all summer long at the Trenton Marina.

14. Stay up late and star gaze. Be flexible with bedtime one night and put the sleeping bags on the grass to enjoy all that the night sky has to offer.

15. Go camping. Tents, KOA cabins, yurts, trailers: the options are endless now-a-days. Algonquin Park, Bon Echo, Silent Lake….the camping options are endless around most parts of North America.

16. Cliff or Bridge jumping. Get your heart racing and take the leap. I always feel like a kid again jumping off the train bridge into the Murray Canal on a hot summers day.

17. Go paddling. SUP, canoe or kayak: there endless options to take lessons, join a trip or rent a board for some water fun.

18. Go on a nighttime trail walk. Grab your flashlights and head to the trails with the family AT NIGHT. We love doing this at Hanna Park in Trenton.

19. Get out berry picking. It’s an annual tradition for us is to fill our freezer (and bellies) with far too many strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Brambleberry, Willow Creek, and Kelly’s are just a few of our favs.

20. Skip rocks. What is it about throwing rocks in the water that is so simple, yet so fun? Presqu’ile Provincial Park, Wellington Beach and Little Bluff in the county are gems for this.

21. Try out a beach workout. Give this one a whirl: for 20 minutes complete as many rounds as possible of 100m sand run, 10 boulder throws, 10 walking lunges, 10 v-ups.

22. Plan a road trip. Get out of your city/town and go on a new adventure this summer. Mark it on the calendar and make it happen.

23. Go for a hike. Nothing beats the forest, hill climbs, and perfect views. Get your legs moving at Proctor Park, Vanderwater Conservation Area or the Frink Centre.

24. Have a backyard campout. Who says you need to go far to get the best out of the outdoors and to experience something new?

25. Plant something. Green onions, basil, and tomatoes: there are tons of easy to plant seeds you can grow with or without a green thumb right on your back deck.

26. Try a new watersport. Never been wakeboarding? Always wanted to dragon boat? Itching to waterski? Summer is the best time to get in and out the water. The Trenton Rowing and Paddling Club and/or Trench Town Wake Park should be your first stops if you live in Quinte West.

27. Listen to music in the park. There is nothing more chill then a summer outdoor concert. I can’t wait to check out the Saturday summer concert series in Trenton this July and August.

28. Unplug. Vow to make one day a week a no technology day. I promise disconnecting will not disappoint you.

29. Lay in a hammock. Read a book. Look at the sky. Swing. There is no better place to chill.

30. Watch the sunset. And a sunrise. Maybe not on the same day.

31. Try something new. Maybe you have always wanted to try parachuting, or tree trekking, or rafting, or Zumba in the park. Whatever floats your boat, vow to do something you have never done before this summer.

32. Find a new swimming ‘hole’. Nothing beats a taking a dip on a hot summers evening. We love going to the local’s beach in the county, Oak Lake, or to Bayside quarry for just that.

33. Find a summer fitness buddy. Don’t stop your workout regime just because summer is here. Get accountable with a morning walking companion, or an evening garage workout friend and put the fit back into your summers.

34. Visit the farmers market. Fresh kale, juicy tomatoes, farmers sausage, berries, potatoes….the options in July and August for fresh farmers products are endless. Visit the weekend markets in Belleville, Wellington or Peterborough to fill your fridge.

So get out your crayons and paper and gather the family, it’s time to make YOUR bucket list and ensure this summer is your BEST yet! Need more inspiration on making the most of your summer? Find my Sunday Live on our Move Eat Play facebook group for my talk on just that!

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