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40 things I learned in 40 years

I feel so blessed to have lived my last 40 years in a full and beautiful way. Has it been perfect? Heck no. More like messy and chaotic, and filled with sorrow and joy and therefore so much damn learning. And I feel like it’s impossible to reach such a milestone birthday and not reflect on life and all it’s growth. So, without further or do: here’s 40 things I have learned in 40 years:

  1. Find what makes you happy. And then do it often. Do not delay on this. Your physical pursuits, your creative endeavors, your career….test out everything and anything and find the good ones that set your soul on fire.
  2. Be grateful about something every damn day. This practice has brought a lot of joy into my life, even on the gloomiest of days.
  3. Commit and figure out the details later. Stop over thinking EVERYTHING. One of my greatest gifts is that when I want something, I go for it. Only after I jump do I then figure out how I’m going to make it happen.
  4. When all else fails throw the kid in bath or the forest. Legit the power of bubbles and hot water and/or nature is the real deal.
  5. Take care of your skin daily. Like wash it. And than apply quality natural cream and use the good sunscreen. And all that other jazz that will help your skin age gracefully, safely and a little less weathered than mine.
  6. Travel everywhere all the time. I have travelled to over 30 countries worldwide. And I still wish I had said yes to travel more often. I had the opportunities but like most of us, fear and the idea that “I can do that later” held me back.
  7. Don’t be so damn serious. Somewhere between the age of 35 and 38 I suddenly got really damn uptight. Life got away on me and suddenly all I was focusing on was the task list, the vacuuming and dinner prep. Instead I wanted to be (and I am working again to be) focusing on the laughter, the chaos, the dirty footprints and the moments, because before I know it, they will be a distant memory.
  8. Balance comes from within. If you are trying to find your balance in your external life – your career, your health, your social life, your laundry pile – STOP RIGHT NOW. Balance does not happen there. Ever. Balance is found internally regardless of your external circumstances.
  9. Sometimes you win. And sometimes you learn. Be okay with that NOW.
  10. RAD it out. Random acts of dancing help loosen up most situations. Trust me.
  11. You can always have a do over. Day going shitty? Start over. Like right now. Be it 10am or 5pm. Start over. There are no rules. Make your own up. Starting over (legit go to bed and pretend to sleep and wake up two seconds later) will a) make everyone laugh and b) make you realise you can make mistakes and start fresh ALWAYS.
  12. Tuning out the negative news doesn’t make you naïve it makes you a shit load more positive in your everyday living. And that alone can have a huge effect on your energy and the attitude you pass onto others in your day.
  13. Eat the fuckin ice cream for dinner. If a meteor came down and killed us all right now would you be happy you ate your protein and veggies first? Or would that peanut butter chocolate waffle cone be the greatest last ‘meal’ on earth? I think we all know the answer here.
  14. Pick up the heavy shit often. And learn to do it properly. Move your body functionally and safely and then move the large and difficult objects daily. Your bones and muscles will thank you as you age.
  15. There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”
  16. Choose love always.
  17. Call your mother…. your grandmother…. your dad…. your kid. Just because, just to say hello. Just do it. Do not hesitate on this. Because sometimes you lose the opportunity of “I will tomorrow”.
  18. Wear the sunglasses. Your future eyes need you to do this. So do the state of your deep forehead lines.
  19. Learn about money management. One of the greatest gifts my parents gave me was a chance to sit down with their financial advisor at 10 years old. By 18 I had grown my invested birthday money to $10K.
  20. Take the fucking photo and get in it the damn thing. Don’t worry about your make-up, what you are wearing, or the back drop. I once took a photo on an overpass bridge on a tired and messy hair day because my friends insisted on it. A few years later, one of those friends passed away suddenly and I treasure that photo dearly.
  21. Confidence is only gained by taking action. Try, fail, try again, fail again, try again, fail less, try again, sort of get it, try again, get it, try again, success. That’s the only recipe to gain confidence.
  22. You can’t change someone but you can control your reaction. Learning and practicing this now will save you so much nagging and unneeded stress for you.
  23. Sleep before you have children. Take naps. Sleep in till 9am. And then repeat. And if you don’t have children, please do that for the rest of us.
  24. Care about your gut health. Take less antibiotics. Seek out natural alternatives. Eat the fermented foods. Focus on whole foods. Learn about what your gut appreciates and do more of that.
  25. Breath deep often. Like all the time. Pause. Breath. Then resume.
  26. Stop sitting. Get the heck up. Often. We sit so darn much when what we need to be doing is moving so damn much.
  27. Don’t get the iPhone or data plan if you can help it. When everyone else was in hysterics about the iPhone release, for years I was still carrying around the coolest flip phone around. My husband laughed at me all the time. But you know what? I miss those days now. I was NEVER connected. I was way more present. I was less anxious. And if it wasn’t for my business, I would go back in a heartbeat.
  28. Fun first work second. I am so bad at this one. And my boys are so good at it. But I recognize that sometimes the work will never be done. And down the road I will only regret the fun I didn’t have.
  29. Go to therapy. Invest in your healing. Get new tools to help you navigate the hurt, the inner voices and the hard shit this life throws at us.
  30. Spend time doing nothing. Sit down (I know I just told you to stand up lol) and chill the f out. Throw the task list away and just take life in.
  31. When you get injured REST and RECOVER. Go to physio and do the damn exercises they tell you too. It may feel like this is a waste of your time NOW but trust me your injuries will come back to haunt you later.
  32. If you are lucky enough to be able to get pregnant quickly, count your blessings and savor every second of. ESPECIALLY the first few months post pregnancy. You never know if you will get to experience that stage again.
  33. Work on your marriage every damn day. Relationships take work and growth on a consistent basis.
  34. Don’t roll your eyes at your mother’s common phrases like “look passed your nose” or “I can’t talk to you through the wall” because one day you will use them too.
  35. Learn to respect your body. You may never love it, but you should always respect it.
  36. Don’t EVER use the saying “I’ll do that when I retire.” Retirement may never come. Do the thing now.
  37. It’s okay to say no. Saying no leaves room for all the yes’s you want to be saying in your life.
  38. Stop waiting for the perfect time to ______, it doesn’t ever come.
  39. Take control of your own health. Health = wealth. Eat mostly whole foods. Do your own research. Listen to your body. Eat for fuel. Educate yourself on nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Get in the driver’s seat of your body NOW.
  40. It’s very rarely too late. You can always change your course of action or attitude. My grandmother was racist her whole life. Until one day she had to enter a full care nursing home where she was cared for by women and men of ALL ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. At the prime age of 92, you know what happened? She changed her views and her shitty attitude and she taught me it was NEVER too late to do ANYTHING.

To 40 more kick-ass years!!! <3 CB

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