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5 Ways To Stay Active In The Campground

I’m on the topic of summer, can you tell it’s my favourite season? I am determined to arm you with a toolbox full of ways to keep you goal crushing, on track and loving every second of this beautiful season. Camping is a big part of summer and one of my favourite ways to go on adventures. Whether you tent, have a trailer, or love to stay in cabins or yurts, camping is a great way to get outdoors, and connect with nature and your family. Hammocks, fires, beaches, smores and relaxing moments all come to mind when I think of camping. It can definitely be a lazy and indulging time but it doesn’t have to be. There are a ton of ways to stay active and on track with your fitness and activity goals while camping.

Here’s a few of my fav ways to get moving while in the campground:

1. Trail running or hiking. I often look for trails at or near campgrounds before I even book a trip. I love having plenty of options to jump on a single-track trail for an hour or two as it’s such an easy way to move your body with or without your family members.

2. Campground interval training. Run but don’t just run at the same pace for 30 minutes and call er’ quits. Instead try out some intervals with some of my favourite combos being: 5X400m fast runs, 20sec fast/10sec slow X 16 minutes, and 1 min run/2 min jog . But in the end the distances and times don’t really matter, just be sure to mix it up. Add in a hill, use the campground loop, change your speeds and make sure you rest little bits here and there. Variety is the spice of running.

3. Campsite workouts. Did you see my Facebook Live on my favourite summer on-the-go workouts? If not, you should get your butt to our Move Eat Play group and watch it. All three of these workouts are perfect for every campsite.

4. Skipping. This is the one piece of equipment I never leave home without (not including my running shoes of course). Skipping can be a serious lung buster without requiring a ton of time to get your workout on. Try a tabata or timed interval workout and you can get a full body bang in 10 minutes or less.

5. Paddling. Now-a days a ton of campgrounds offer canoe, kayak and stand up paddleboard rentals and they are totally worth it the money. Though you won’t get your cardio jumping, it will give you a solid upper body and core workout if you consistently paddle for 1-3hours. So, grab a picnic, a buddy, a lifejacket and tons of water and head out on the water for a different type of workout.

So, this summer when you pack up the sleeping bags and mosquito spray, don’t leave your fitness and health goals at home. With a bit of planning and creativity, you CAN stay on track and still get out camping a ton this July and August. And to arm yourself with a few more workout ideas head to the Move Eat Play homepage and sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive two weeks of FREE home workouts that are easily adapted to your camping or summer vacay plans! Happy Camping!

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