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6 Instant Ways to Curb Late Night Snacking

It’s likely at some point in our lives we have all heard, nighttime eating leads to weight gain. When in reality, what you eat is much more important than when you eat. The balance of our macros through-out the day and how mindful we are with our choices are the real make or break in our goal progress.

In saying that, many of us have also found ourselves in the following pattern:
7am: egg white veggie omelette
10am: protein shake
1pm: chicken rice bowl
3pm: apple with pb
6pm: steak and roasted veggies
8pm: 12 cookies, 6 cups of buttered popcorn, a bag of wine gums and a chocolate milkshake

This, my friends, isn’t about nighttime eating per-say, but more about mindless overeating. And it’s the real deal that can definitely stabotaging any progress we are aiming to make. So how do we curb the nighttime?

Apply some of the following TONIGHT and you will begin to shift your mindset AND night-time habits:

1. Find your triggers. Journal your patterns. Take notice. Are you on the couch watching Netflik everytime you grab the bag of chips? Are you by yourself? Are you over-tired? Write this shit down folks. Awareness is the key to change.
2. Are you eating enough (of the right things) during the day? Being underfed during the day, is one of the main culprits for nighttime overeating.

3. Are you planning ahead for what smart nighttime snacks you would like to reach for? Planning is the KEY to successful choices. Ensure you have choices onhand in your kitchen and limit the snacking choices you don’t want from the cupboards (out of sight, out of mind).
4. Add something in to your nighttime routine. I prefer to add things in then take things out with my clients. Can you add in your stretching or core work at night? Maybe some knitting and tea drinking? Using our hands ca be a great evening distraction from mindless eating.

5. Be mindful. Ask yourself if you are hungry. Ask yourself if eating this or that will get you closer to your goals. When eating, eat slow with little to no distractions. Savour.

6. Go the f*** to bed. Most of the time this is the answer to our nighttime woes. We are tired. Our bodies are tired. Listen to them. You will thank yourself in the morning.

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