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7-Days of Christmas Holiday Workouts

Vow to make this Christmas Holiday season the one where you keep your health a priority. Vow to keep your food intake in-check (next week’s blog) and to keep moving your body. Because we all know when you move, you feel better. And when you feel better, you make better choices. And when you make better choices, you are a better version of you.


So how the heck do you stay active when life is crazy busy? When you have guests in the house and gatherings to attend? Well you start by planning 15-30 minutes of time for you daily. Do whatever it takes to fit in these minutes: wake up earlier, take a mid-day break, or move your body with your guests and kids. Vow now, to do what it takes to move your body through the holidays.

And here is what you are going to do for those movement minutes each day:

Warm-up (2:00)

:15 butt Kicks

:15 high knees

:15 jumping jacks

:15 rest

Repeat two times total.


Each Days Workout Format (10-30minutes total)

Short version: complete a descending ladder once 12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Longer version: like the 12 days of Christmas song complete each exercise in ascending order adding one exercise per round. Like this: 1; 2-1; 3-2-1; 4-3-2-1; etc.



Don’t know a movement? Try googling it and a good variety of images and videos will come u for you to watch before you start! All you need for these workouts is: running shoes, a skipping rope (optional), and a kettlebell.


Day 1 Workout

12 Air squats

11 Kettlebell swings

10 Seated press

9 Kettlebell halos

8 Forward lunges

7 Step-ups

6 Kettlebell sumo deadlifts

5 V-ups

4 Pushups

3 Turkish get-ups

2 Kettlebell windmill

1 Modified handstand push-ups


Day 2 Workout

12 Kettlebell front squats

11 Single are kettlebell swings

10 Standing kettlebell press

9 Mountain climbers

8 Walking lunges

7 Supermen’s

6 Single leg deadlifts

5 Leg lifts

4 Renegade rows

3 Man-makers

2 Russian step-ups

1 Donkey kick

Day 3 Workout

12 Goblet squats

11 Kettlebell high pulls

10 Single arm push press

9 Tuck jumps

8 Reverse lunges

7 Kettlebell good mornings

6 Sit-ups

5 Floor press

4 Burpees

3 Box jumps

2 Weighted pushups

1 Down dog hold


Day 4 Workout

12 Overhead squats

11 Kettlebell ground to overhead

10 L-sit press

9 Broad jumps

8 Tactical lunges

7 Single-leg glut bridge

6 Crunches

5 Bent-over rows

4 Roll to candlestick

3 Tricep extensions

2 Weighted sit-ups

1 Front plank 0:30

Day 5 Workout

12 Kettlebell thrusters

11 Kettlebell cleans

10 Kettlebell push press

9 Jumping jacks

8 Overhead walking lunges

7 Glut bridges

6 Flutter kicks

5 Tempo pushups

4 Broad jump burpees

3 Side plank leg lifts

2 Burpee stepovers

1 Side plank each side 0:15


Day 6 Workout

12 Pistols

11 Kettlebell snatches

10 Kneeling kettlebell press

9 Lateral jumps

8 Jumping lunges

7 Plank ups

6 Russian twists

5 Dips

4 Toe taps

3 Hollow tuck

2 Hollow rock

1 V-sit hold 0:30

Day 7 Workout

12 Jumping squats

11 Kettlebell figure 8’s

10 Bottom’s up press

9 Jump rope

8 Side lunges

7 Half burpees

6 Plank jacks

5 Wide grip pushups

4 Wall walks

3 Bird dogs

2 Candlestick burpees

1 Childs pose hold 0:30


Need more inspiration to keep you on track this holiday season? Watch this weeks Facebook Live on the Move Eat Play Community Group (www.facebook.com/groups/moveeatplay) for tons of holiday tips!

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