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9 Healthy Habits That Create Big Results

We often think we need to make large scale changes in order to achieve our health and fitness goals. But in theory (and practice), this is far from the truth. It’s all those small tiny changes you make with your daily life that add up AND stick overtime. 

I challenge all my new clients to think about what they CAN do verses what they shouldn’t do. It’s far harder to take out then it is to add in. Focus on putting the good healthy habits in and overtime the unhealthy will lose force and be replaced with those gooders.

If you are looking to make changes that will have a strong impact on your health overtime, then I challenge you to introduce one of the following habit weekly from the list below. Two months from now your life will have transformed with these nine habits:

1. Start getting up. Does a solid portion of your day consist of sitting? If so, it’s time to start moving your body for a few minutes on a regular basis. It doesnt matter how you move it: walk around your office building, take a flight of stairs, or do 20 air squats. Little bursts of movement on a regular basis will counter all that darn sitting.

2. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Buy stainless steel or glass (better for you than plastic) and of course, make sure it’s pretty ;). Bring it to the meetings, the gym, the car, the playdates, the dinner table: everywhere.

3. Meal plan your dinners every Sunday. Take 10 minutes, use Pinterest for ideas, grab a whiteboard or a piece of paper and get your week planned. This will take stress off your plate (pardon the pun) and eliminate possible last minute unhealthy choices.

4. Get outside daily. The research is there: time spent outside has a long list of benefits. Find a consistent time to get out daily even if just for a few breaths of fresh air: first thing in the morning, right after work or just before bed. And your success in keeping this habit will hold for much longer.

5. Put a set of runners and workout clothes in your car. Success occurs when you match your everyday environment to your goals. The healthy food in the fridge, the meal plan on the fridge and the workout clothes in easy access places.

6. Put it in your schedule.  Make health meetings with yourself: add your meal planning to your day timer, put your workouts on the whiteboard, and mark down grocery shopping days. Scheduling key routines will help you get into a weekly groove.

7. Eat your veggies. Add veggies to your morning eggs, add greens to your smoothie, pair your meats with salads, and get some veggie sticks to go with your snacks. Vegetables are high in nutrients, fiber AND fill your bellies.

8. Get a support system.  A husband onboard, an online group, a health coach, or a friend to run with: find someone to hold you accountable and be your go-to when things get rough.

9. Set an alarm. We sometimes need constant reminders to get into routines. Set yourself a phone alarm to go off every two-three hours. When it goes off: get up and move, breath fresh air, drink some water, and grab a snack. Your body will love you for the consistent and constant care.

Bombarded with social media posts, ads, and diet fads we seem to think that healthy takes big changes in your life. When really the basics of breathing, real food eating, making time, and planning ahead are foundations for all successes. The secret to your health is found in your daily routine. So, start small and add in little habits, and before you know it, the small will make the big differences to your health over time.

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