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About Us

My Story

I have a long history with food, activity and inactivity. But I will save that story for another time. My husband and I met over coffee and downhill skiing. We shared a love for moving and being outside. We enjoyed eating good food and he has always been by my side when I wanted to push the limits of nutrition. When we became parents, our very active and healthy lives were challenged by time, scheduling, toddler meltdowns, puppy training, flourishing careers and everything in-between. It’s a very typical phase families go through where one of two things happen: 1) you either get caught up in the race of life and forget to make health and fitness a priority or you 2) do whatever possible to incorporate moving, and eating healthy, and playing into your ‘new’ lives.

We chose option #2. And that’s really how Move Eat Play all began. From there I snatched up some of the best of the best who shared my vision to guide, support and inspire women world-wide to be a better version of themselves for them AND their families.

I hope that we can inspire you, motivate you and help you and your family move often, eat real food and play outside!

Meet the ‘Family’

Coach CB

The face behind the computer, that’s me. Big-cautious-impatient-dreamer, business owner, mother and wife.  Age 40. Certified Health & Fitness Coach. Straight-shooter. Mountain biker. Real food cooker. SUP’er. Crossfitter. Travel LOVER. And a lady on a mission to inspire other mama’s to live their best chapters yet.

Coach Lorraine

Inspiring. Hard-working. Passionate. A Miltary spouse, mother of three, and Applied Human Nutrition degree holder on a crusade to help women on their journey to food freedom. Age 42. Crossfitter. Cottage lover. Food prep queen. And our Strong & Lean Ladies lead coach ready to empower women to take charge of their health.

Coach Megan

Witty. Patient. Big-picture thinker. Single mama of two littles. A story of her own and a diploma in Fitness & Health under her belt. CANFITPro and CSEP fitness gal with nutrition courses a plenty. Age 31. Runner. Horse lover. Our 1-2-1 coach specialised inspired to inspire, push and guide other busy women to ditch the excuses and get results TODAY.