10 MORE Tips to Get You Back Into Fall Routine NOW

If you read my August newsletter, I shared with my readers 10 tips to get you back into Fall routine before September even hits. See I’m a big fan of slow, sustainable habit changes that when added together, have big pay off. So today I’m back, on the blog this time, to share with you 10 MORE tips to ease you back into your routine! No more waiting for post-labour day long weekend to start everything at once….now is your time girl….start today with slowly adding in some of the following:

1) Start your day with a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon before anything else. And if possible, drink with little to no distractions. Wake your internal body up in a kind and healthy way.

2) Perform some shopping therapy. Purchase a new pair of runners, a cute new workout top, or some sweet Fall running tights. New wear is always motivating and fun!

3) Start (back) meal planning. Even if it’s just breakfasts for 3 days of the week. Start somewhere. The keys to sustaining this are to do it at the same timefram, on the same day, with the same system weekly. Personally I am a huge fan of using a whiteboard for the fridge to display it for all to see.

4) Add in more dark leafy greens. The benefits are endless and what a great time of year to do this when kale, swiss chard, spinach and the like are plentiful, fresh and still in-season from your local farmer.

5) Get back on your supplement routine. Be preventative with your immune health as we lead into spending more time inside, and surrounded by germs. And if you don’t already have a customized supplement routine to support your body, find a holistic specialist to help you make this happen.

6) Schedule in your workouts. Like on your calendar. Write it down. Hold yourself to them. Start with 1 even. Consistency is what counts here.

7) Find a goal and commit to it. A virtual race, a squat PR, a distance, a new class/sport – whatever it is, make sure it’s fun, that it excites you and that it gives you something to focus on and work towards in the coming months.

8) Get a new water bottle. Glass is my fav followed by stainless steel. Pretty and fun is necessary. It’s a known fact that if we like something, we use it more.

9) Dust off your yoga mat and start a stretching or yoga routine. 2-5 minutes daily either first thing in the morning or last thing before bed. Put your mat in a visible place as an important reminder of your daily commitment.

10) Get positive. The world is full of negative everything now a days. Do you know the best way to crowd out all the terrible? Find the good and speak it often. Especially when it comes to you and your body.

Why wait till school starts back up and Fall arrives to get out of summer-mode? Inserting small habit changes into your days and weeks leading up to the September chaos is the best way to plan for success. Need more tips, tricks and support on your nutrition and fitness journey? Be sure to join us in our free Facebook community for daily inspirations, motivations and butt-kicking workouts and recipes!!

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