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Brighton Adventures

Hidden between Cobourg beach and the gateway to the County, Brighton is a gem like no other. This town caught our eye as soon as we moved to the area five years ago. It’s a small character town, with friendly folks, good coffee, a lake near-by, a provincial park down the road, running trails a step away, a sledding hill, a beautiful creek and a conservation area with biking (and hiking and snowshoeing) trails due north. What more can you ask for? 

Lola’s, our go-to hang out, is nestled in the downtown of Brighton and with it’s sunshine beaming in the big windows and amazing java, you may never want to leave. You won’t want to miss their coconut balls or homemade protein bars after you down an amazing bowl of soup or a smoothie from their delicious menu filled with vegan and homemade options galore. If you can tear yourself from the couches, just a a few blocks away is Proctor Park. I am always amazed at how few people we run into here. The creek setting is bar-none and the trails are perfect for a short run or winter walk. Our dog, and five-year old could spend the whole day just playing in the forest and throwing rocks in the creek here. And if it happens to be a snowy day then the toboggan hill is perfect for kids and adults!

When it comes to family (and date day) mountain biking, trail running or snowshoeing, Goodrich Loomis is our frequently visited trail spot. Just 15 minutes from Lola’s, the double and single track trails can entertain you for 10 minutes or two hours. The private land single track trails (be aware that I said ‘private’ here) are a whirling maze of beginner and intermediate narrow trails filled with a few roots, sand and surrounded by pretty forest. Beware though, one can still easily get turned around on these trails and turn a 30 minute ride into 2 hours. Not that I have experienced that myself or anything 😉

If beaches, picnic spots, lighthouses and boardwalk trails are more your style, then look no further then Presqu’ile Provincial Park. We venture here year-around to walk the trails, listen to the birds and ‘waste’ weekend afternoons away. You will need a provincial park pass to get in year-round, but we promise this will be worth the money if you plan to explore all corners of this region. So many gems in such a small circumference. Brighton is a must stop on your four-season venture plans! 

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  1. Hello, Fellow Brightonian here. Just wanted to point out that you need a pass to get in the park year round.
    It is a $35 ticket for failing to display a valid permit.

    • Thanks for letting us know Richard! Ill make that change. I guess we have always had a year-round pass so I never really noticed. Happy Adventures!

  2. The area is also filled with geocaches (a family friendly hobby using a gps or smart phone to find hidden containers) including a Wherigo Cache that takes you on a walking tour of Brighton ?