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The Day CAS Was Called For My Kid Playing Outside

I have vivid memories of riding my bike within a TWENTY block radius when I was in primary school. With no helmet. And sometimes by myself until I found someone else doing the same thing, which usually didn’t take very long. My mom would literally kick us out of the …

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8 Ways To Get Outside More Often

We work inside, we park inside, we eat inside, we play inside. Our inside time is then filled with computer screens, televisions, phones and fluorescent lights. At least 22 hours out of most adult’s days are spent INSIDE and it’s having a huge effect on our overall health. We are …

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Quinte West and PEC’s Healthy Holiday Bucket List

With the kids off school, extra time off work and some serious positive spirit in the air, December holiday’s aren’t just for Christmas cookies, bailey’s in your coffee and BBC season specials but ALSO the perfect time for some extra focus on health, activity and wellness. My family and I …

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The Power of Sun

It was 11am and I was already ready for a nap. This was day three of dragging my October butt around. My mental clarity was missing and the kick in my step was something coffee couldn’t even cure. Am I getting sick? Is my sleep quality not there? Is my …

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The Next Adventure

  The boys and I just returned from a magical 10 days on the East Coast of Canada. It was restful, playful, and inspiring. We spent our days moving our bodies in the morning with ocean view trail runs and lush forest mountain bike rides. Then we ‘wasted’ afternoon hours …

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