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Fitness On A Budget Part II

If you haven’t noticed, lately I’ve been talking lots about the Fall season, about routine and getting your mojo back to kick 2018 out the door with a bang. With less than 90 days left of the year, October is the new month for resolutions. But it’s also the time of year when finances can be tight. Between Thanksgiving dinners, Halloween costumes, Christmas shopping, end of year payments, new winter clothes, and higher electricity bills; the list is endless and the wallet feels drained. You know that you look and feel your best when you’re eating right and staying active, but time and money are two of the biggest barriers to making that happen.

In January of this year I wrote a blog post titled Fitness on a Budget which included some great basics on ways to include working out into your weekly routines without breaking the bank. Now it’s time for me to get to the specifics to help you get and stay active on the cheap. Here are 6 amazing workout resources to help you fit fitness into your fall:

1. The Crossfit.com main site for home gym workouts. With workouts posted daily with beginner to advance options there is something for every Crossfitter here. Tried the main site and ready for  something a bit different? I’ve heard rave reviews about CrossFit Street Parking and for just a few dollars a month it’s a steal of a deal!

2. Yoga with Adrienne. For those looking to up their yogi game, to-date this is still one of my favs. From her 30-day challenge, to her u-tube videos and her affordable membership options, this girl has got your bendy goals covered.

3. The Nike Training club app. I’ve read solid reviews on this personal training application and with 185+ free workouts from strength and endurance to mobility and yoga, how can you actually go wrong?

4. The C25K app. Got running goals? Are you a complete beginner? This free and most popular running app gets beginners from couch potatoe to 5K distance runners in just 8 weeks.

5. The Bodybuilding.com site: the go-to for weight-lifting lovers. With some personal info input, this site will hand over workout plans, video instruction and even nutritional and supplement information.

6. The ACE exercise library. The American Council on Exercise is the leading non-profit exercise professional and health coach certification organization. So, let’s just say, they might know their stuff 😉 And their library has a plethora of free total-body exercises and target movements for your taking.

Are you motivated by all these options to working out for free but are still trying to get your head wrapped around where to complete your workouts? Do you happened to have space in your heated garage? Or do you have a functional basement with a bit of extra room? Why not consider creating an at home gym? Join me for part one of our Food and Fitness on a Budget Series in the Abundant living Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/Abundant Living: Budget ,Save, Share & Minimalize) this week where I talk about building your own home gym on the cheap.



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