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Healthy Campground Meals & Snacks To Keep You On Track This Summer

The gentle sway of the hammock; the sun lowering in the sky; the kid laughing in the woods; the smell of burning wood. The simple sights and smells of camping are so peaceful and simple. Camping is one of the best, isn’t it? It is also one of those cruxs to a lot of my clients health and fitness goals. For whatever reason we think camping = lazy and induglgent. Last week I wrote about all the ways you can stay active while in the campground this summer and this week I am going to help you think pass a camping diet rich in potato chips, hot dogs and marshmellows.

Are you ready to open your eyes to healthy, easy and delicious camp foods? With the right pre-trip grocery list and a little bit of prep, you can stay on track with your nutrition goals this summer. Here are eight of my favourite camp dinners and snacks to help you succeed on your next road trip to the woods:

1. Chicken skewers and lettuce wraps. Cut up pieces of chicken with zucchini and tomatoes, add your favourite simple marinade (lemon juice and heramere anyone?) and grill on your bbq or fire grill. Butter lettuce, basmati rice and some homemade pineapple salsa and boom dinner is ready!

2. Kale and goat cheese frittata. It’s amazing what you can do with one cast iron pan. Eggs, kale, goat cheese and spices. Beat, mix, oil the pan and add. Cook until the frittata sets. Dinner is served.

3. Loaded sweet potatoes and sausage. Get the hot coals ready for your tin foil wrapped potatoes (we also line ours with parchment to protect). Cook until soft and then slice and add your toppings. From avocado to goat cheese, green onions, peppers or bacon, let the potato be the main deal on your plate and side with a juicy farmers sausage!

4. Burritos. Fry up some ground beef, add some white rice, black beans, peppers, corn and onions. Spice it up with some homemade taco seasoning and add to your choice of wrap topping with your favourites  like cilantro, cheese and salsa.

5. Maple almond popcorn. Pop your corn in a pot on the fire or stove. Add pecans. Then boil maple syrup, butter, and salt together. Pour over popcorn, cool and let set. Delicious fire-side treat!

6. Apple cinnamon baked slices. Slice apple onto parchement lined tin foil. Add butter or coconut oil, coconut sugar and ground cinnamon. Fold up and put onto the grill or into coals. Let melt and soften and devour!

7. Banana boats. Line your tin foil with parchment paper and slice your banana lengthwise. Drizzle with almond butter and topped with goji berries, shredded coconut, hemp hearts and dark chocolate chips. Wrap up and warm on the grill or in coals.

8. Smores. We use gluten free graham crackers (you can even make your own), vegan marshmellows and dark chocolate for this traditional campfire treat. I wouldn’t call them healthy but the ingredients line up is much more pronounceable!

There is nothing better than good eats with good company in front of a warm campfire. But next time you are making your camping food plan, remember you don’t need to scrafice taste for quality ingredients and staying on track with your nutrition goals. For more ideas on staying on track this summer, watch this weeks Facebook Live in the Move Eat Play group (www.facebook.com/groups/moveeatplay) as I demo road trip food prep tips and tricks in my kitchen!

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