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How To Keep Your Food Intake In-Check This Holiday Season

Last week we vowed to stay moving during the holiday season and this week we are talking food. From Christmas cookies to pumpkin pie, from turkey dressing to gravy galore, this time of year seems to be all about food and drink and there is nothing wrong with that! Festive food is the balm….and so are your 2019 health and fitness goals! So, how do you keep it all in check?

Here are my top 9 food tips to help you enjoy, indulge AND stay on track this holiday season:

1. Fill your plate with nutrient dense lean protein and veggies FIRST. Fuel first, indulge second. And listen to all your bodies quos. Take your time and vow to not overeat.

2. Eat only the foods you love, don’t deprive. Pick your favorites and skip the rest. Eat little bits and practice mindfulness while savoring them.

3. Don’t skip meals before your gathering, instead eat smart and light for the meals before. Skipping is a recipe for binging. Instead keep your focus on fueling your body with things like leafy greens, roasted chicken, berries, and the like.

4. Track what you eat as a tool not as an obsession. I use tracking for important information like gauging how much I am eating of certain macro and micro nutrients. Watch this week’s live on the Move Eat Play Community Group (www.facebook.com/groups/moveeatplay) for the complete down-low on tracking.

5. Drink water before and after your meals and vow for a glass in-between each holiday alcohol drink. Hydration is key.

6. Drink your booze on the rocks and skip the mix. Don’t drink away your calories, save them for grandma’s shortbread cookies instead.

7. Get accountable. Partner? Best bud? Online group? Whatever it may be, build a support team before you enter the season of goodness.

8. Keep planning. Workout plan. Meal plan. Indulge plan. Plan to relax. Continue with little bits of your regular routine over the holidays and add in some good downtime and off plan time in-between.

May your Christmas be filled with confidence, moderation, gingerbread cookies, neighborhood walks, morning workouts and turkey leftovers! Be kind to yourself and let go a little and enjoy the season of family, friends and gratefulness! <3

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