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How to Support Your Body When Your Run Down

There is nothing worse than feeling super run down in the midst of a beautiful July. Well I guess there is. Mid-summer full blown sickness is terrible. After all, summer should be a time of feeling energized every morning and going to bed tired from days of sunshine and activity. Who the heck has time to feel fatigued and run down anyways? Summer is an extremely busy time for me so sadly I know rundown all too well. So how do I deal with feeling like crap so I can get that fantastic summer feeling back? I utilize a combo of these body boosting methods and before I know it, 90% of the time I am back dancing in the sunshine and sand!!

1. Sip up this hot water concoction filled with fresh lemon, raw honey, a tad of apple cider vinegar, a slice of fresh ginger and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Sounds amazing right?! Suck it up and drink it up!

2. Take spoonfuls of elderberry syrup. We make our own and take it daily for an immune boost and when we are run down we take it through-out the day.

3. Stock up on important vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B, C, D and magnesium are my go-to’s when I am sick. I take B daily, and D in the winter and load on all three when I am sick or fatigued.

3. Add together sunshine and rest. Extra sleep hours and fresh air are both super important to kicking your immune function into high gear. So why not put those two things together? Naps outside are the best. Try it, I dare you.

4. Replace sugar and processed foods with easy to digest high nutrient foods. When your body is pushed to its max, the last thing it wants to use its energy for is digesting food. So put aside the foods that are taxing your immune system (a.k.a. sugar) and focus on avocados, good oils, lightly cooked highly nutrient veggies, some fruits, easy to digest meats and grains (think oats and rice) if your craving them.

5. Load up the diffuser. Adding essential oils into your home air means your breathing in immune boosting elements your body needs.

6. Double up on your probiotics. The gut and immune systems are highly interconnected, so add more fermented foods into your diet and/or double up on your bacteria pills.

7. Say no. Clear off that schedule. Only do the really important things and say no to the rest. Your body needs you to put health and rest first.

8. Consume tons of clear liquids. Think broth, filtered water, and coconut water. And think (and drink) them often.

9. Support your drained adrenals. Ditch the caffeine drinks and foods, focus on light activity and workouts, rest lots and support your body with homeopathic.

I’m no doctor. Nor nutritionist. But I am a health coach with years of experience testing natural ways to get my body back on track when it’s down in the dumps. So next time you are seeing the signs of your body feeling rundown, test out a few natural ways to get you back on track BEFORE sickness veers its head. I also recommend you watch this week’s FACEBOOK LIVE in our Move Eat Play group (www.facebook.com/groups/moveeatplay) for more tips to get your kick back in your step when your feeling run down.


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