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Seven Steps To Getting Back On Track This September

Did you enjoy all the ice cream, the late night cocktails, and the BBQ parties this summer? Did you skip workouts, go on vacations, and lay in the hammock instead of running these last weeks? Well good for you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and it’s good for your body and mind to get off routine every once in a while. But what’s more important than breaks from the everyday? Getting BACK on the health and fitness train. School returns and changes in seasons are great times to make new goals and intentions and to get back into the swing of habit. So what will you focus on this September? How will your Autumn be different than the past months? By the end of 2018 how will you feel?

If you want to put your health and fitness back at the top of your priority list read on. In order to not feel overwhelmed, don’t wait for September to be here, your best time to get both feet ready to jump is NOW. These 7 steps will ensure you are on track to crush Fall like no other season:

1. Set a monthly goal AND small weekly goals. What do you want to achieve by Sept 30th? Figure that out and break it down into weekly smaller goals. Write it all down and post it somewhere visible.

2. Make a plan now. Grab your calendar it’s time to schedule it all in. Writing it down increases your chances of following through. And scheduling it in like a meeting, ensures you are committed to making it happen. What’s your meal plan? Your grocery list? Your workout program? Your running schedule? Get it all down.

3. Clean up your environment. Do you have your kitchen set up for healthy habits? Does your house encourage movement? It’s time to declutter rooms, clean out the fridge and make room for the workout equipment and real food.

4. Make your ‘Plan B’. Who’s your backup? Who babysits when the kids won’t come for your run? Who do you go to when you would rather sit on the couch than move? Make your backup plans BEFORE you need them.

5. Buy a new water bottle or a workout outfit or a Vitamix blender. New is exciting. I’ll never forget when my dear friend told me she mountain biked her best season right after she got a new bike.  When I asked why she said “my bike was new and it excited and motivated me to get the heck out there”. What can you buy (big or small) that motivates YOU?

6. Sign up for a class or a new workout program. When you spend the money you feel more obliged to get up and get moving. And on the plus, for most people, classes or videos are more motivating then heading to the gym solo.

7. Let go of something to make the room. I can’t say it enough: say no. Get rid of some obligations. It is not possible to do it all. So if you want to make room for your health, you have to get rid of something else.

Don’t be hard on yourself for a summer filled with leisurely days and road trips for good eats. Put those amazing memories in your photo album and let’s open up the door to a September filled with exercise, colourful meals, clean water and solid rest. Set yourself up for success by starting to plan for your next month NOW. Need ideas for a home workout routine for next month? Watch this week’s live on our Move Eat Play Facebook group (www.facebook.com/groups/moveeatplay) for some fresh ideas for optimal results!

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