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Ten Health Habits To Let Go Of This Spring

Spring is in the air (for some of us). The season of warmth, sunshine, time changes, house cleaning, new routines and summer on our minds. Spring is also a great time to re-evaluate our health and fitness goals, and switch our programs up. This day and age we are always so inclined to add in MORE. We continue to pile new things on and inturn the stress builds and the new becomes overwhelming. This Spring, I challenge you to let go of some old ways and inturn make room for the new. Your health and wellness should be ever evolving and Spring is the perfect season to let go. Try giving up some (or all) of following ten things this Spring and I promise your body and mind will thank you:

1. Perfection. This illusion is what’s holding you back 365 days a year. Work on letting go of this notion and strive for 80% compliance instead.

2. The Scale. Though the scale can be a great tool for those that are able to use it appropriately, MOST of us are using it in all the wrong ways. If you are fixated on the scale number and the fluations upset you, then move to measurements and push the scale to a bi-weekly or monthly weigh in at MOST.

3. Unflexible Schedules. Try your best to go with the flow this upcoming season. Seize the moments: the sunshine days, the adventures, the invitations, and everything in-between that comes up that you WANT to do.

4. Indoor Training. When was the last time you went for a run outside? Trained in the park? Or paddled on the open water? Spring is the perfect time to move outside!

5. Training By Yourself. Running groups, fitness classes, and  training buddies are more motivating and tend to be longer lasting then solo workouts do.

6. Buying Groceries In The Store. Find your local farmers market. Even better grow a garden. As the flowers begin to bloom, buy in season and embrace the local foods.

7. Making The Grocery List Yourself. Get everyone in your house to help. Ask for choices. Get the buy-in before you even make the meals.

8. Cutting The  Day Short. Take advantage of the longer days. Get outside after dinner. Go to your local park. Lap up every last bit of daylight before the days get shorter once again.

9. Sleeping In. When it’s darker in the morning our bodies may be struggling to get out of bed. Start your morning right with meditation or movement and stay consistent with your get up times.

10. Having Dinner Inside. Get outside. Have a picnic dinner at the park or local beach. Savour the fresh air and eating your in-season local foods together outdoors.

What will you give up this Spring? What will you make room for? The change in seasons is the perfect time to allow your health and fitness to bloom!

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