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The Healthy (And Fast) Dinner Everyone In Your House Will Love

Convenient, colourful, fast, flexible, delicious and a favourite in this house. Can you guess what this amazing dinner might be? No matter what you call it (buddha bowl, glory bowl, dinner bowl), we all SHOULD love a well-built bowl.

A bowl can fit everyone’s dietary needs in your house and can be a fun way to tackle dinner. Do beware though, bowls also have the potential to be a big-time calorie bombs, so portions are key to the success of these meals. When it comes to bowl combinations: the sky is the limit! Look to classic flavour pairings for inspiration and keep in line with the following layering ‘rules’:

1. The Base. Start the bowl with grains like wild rice quinoa, cauliflower rice, or extra greens. This will make the bulk of your carbohydrates for the meal, so portion wisely here. We also always cook extra grains for future fridge easy access.

2. Greens. In my opinion the bulk of every bowl should be greens: kale, spinach, lettuce or mix greens. These keep your nutrients high and your calories low.

3. Protein Power. Next we are going to up our protein count by using chicken, roasted chickpeas, steak or any leftover meat or beans you have on hand. Slice and add. As simple as that.

4. Veggie Toppings. Here’s where the bowl really comes to life. Some of my favourites include roasted peppers, grated beets and carrots, avocado, and corn. Pick a theme (roasted, summertime, savory, Mexican etc.) and go with it!

5. Dress It Up. Now it’s time to add the finalee and the mega taste factor. There’s no need to be complex here, my favourite is homemade glory bowl dressing which is a combo of tahini, apple cider vinegar, coconut aminos, olive oil, nutritional yeast and sea salt. Drizzle lightly with your own concoction and make sure to make extra dressing for even quicker use later on.

Bowls are the answer to all those evenings we have nothing planned, we get stuck at work late, we are in a big rush, or we just don’t want to cook (so like everyday?!). As long as you have your kitchen stocked with the right foods (really the answer to every healthy eating challenge), then bowls can be your go-to dinner (or lunch or breakfast) on a weekly basis. Lay out ingredients, call the family in, and let the taste buds rejoice! Need more visual help with putting your bowl together? Visit our online group for my most recent Facebook Live demo of building a bowl!

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