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The Key To Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals

The clients that I see have the most success, are the ones that make their health and wellness a priority. They get up early, they run at dusk, they workout at lunch hour, they schedule training and they commit to making it happen. They prep their food, they plan things out, they fill the fridge with healthy choices, and they know they are in this for the lifestyle and not the quick fix.

For all these clients, the kids still get sick, holidays still come and go, the weather still gets shit, they still go to parties and pass by the new bakery, they still have busy schedules and life still throws them curve balls ALL THE TIME. So what is the difference with these clients and the ones that don’t see the changes they want? These clients COMMIT to CONSTANT and CONSISTENT hard ass work. They know there will always be something. There will always be bumps. There will always be excuses. But if their training, and diet is a priority, then they do whatever it takes to overcome the hurdles. You wont find the time unless you make the time. You wont achieve your goals unless YOU truly make the room in your life for health and fitness.

And just to be clear I am NOT talking about perfection here. 110% on track and motivated DOES NOT exist. Even top athletes don’t follow their nutrition and training plans 365 days a year. But one thing they do do is commit to the cause and stay consistent with their plans MOST of the time. They don’t work out twice one week, have a week of nothing, only to workout five times the next week. They don’t eat cinnamon buns and burgers three days in a row and then salads with boiled chicken the next three days. They chip away at progress with consistet schedules for their nutrition and fitness.

So what can YOU do to commit to consistency?

  • Make the time: can you get up earlier? Can you spend less time on social media? Can you say no somewhere else?
  • Schedule in both meal planning and movement with as much consistency as possible. Can you meal plan EVERY Sunday? Can you workout three times a week every single week?
  • Commit to that schedule as if it were a work meeting. Write it in the day timer, put it in your phone, block off the time and only cancel if its a major crisis.
  • Write down your goals: short term and long term. How do you want to feel in 3 mths? In 1 year? In 5?
  • Have plan b’s: what will you do when you forget your lunch at home? What will you do when your kid gets sick and you cant met with your PT? Plan ahead on how you will navigate the unknowns.

The goal for everyone should be to create habits. Habits are created with time and consistency. We can’t leave our goals up to chance and on the fly decision making. But instead if you commit to working on consistency on a daily basis before you know it working out and eating healthy will be as natural as ‘adding’ brushing your teeth and showering into your days!


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