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The Next Adventure


The boys and I just returned from a magical 10 days on the East Coast of Canada. It was restful, playful, and inspiring. We spent our days moving our bodies in the morning with ocean view trail runs and lush forest mountain bike rides. Then we ‘wasted’ afternoon hours on end scouring the coast line for rocks, caves, flowerpots, beaches, crabs and possible whale tails that might jump out of the ocean horizon (no such luck in that department). In between all the fun we ate a lot of ocean creatures; fresh halibut, salmon, snow crab, oysters, and mussels; our pallets were in heaven. And in between all the eating we sipped coffee, laid in hammocks, built campfires, practiced our slack lining skills and listened to the raindrops on the tent trailer canvas. Finally after four years of family road tripping at the end of summer, we figured out what balance works best for us.

Road tripping has become apart of what we do. And not just for the food, and adventures but also for the creativity. I know that sounds odd but work with me here. Some of my best ideas have come to me when I take time away from the everyday. There is something about backing away from the work, the to-do lists, the packed lunches, the same commute routes, and the morning routines, where my mind clears and opens itself to creative and sometimes crazy ideas. I have planned for marathon runs, world-wide travels, creative business segments, parties, new jobs, and next adventures while road tripping. Two years ago I had the idea to start a blog while getting lost in the NorthEast USA with my husband, three year old, mother and broken tent trailer. This idea sat with me ever since, and on each consecutive road trip, the idea mutated and finally formed into a vision that I could be really excited about.

This I bring you Move.Eat.Play. The three base things I believe have changed both my life AND my families life. And for this I want to share with the world how we continue to move more often, why we choose to eat real foods, and what we do when we play outside. It is my hope that by telling/showing our ‘stories’ we can motivate and education other families to do the same. So stay with me for awhile…follow me on Instagram, watch for more blog posts, send us ideas and topics you would like to learn more about and help us spread the word to get other families to Move.Eat.Play.Repeat.

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