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Tips for Getting Started with Resistance Training

“I don’t want to get big and bulk.”
“I can’t afford a gym membership.”
“But I like cardio!”

Strength training myths are in the face of women everywhere you turn. And these misconceptions keep us from diving into THE MOST IMPORTANT piece of your workout plan you can have.

So how do you start to change your distaste for resistance training? Start here…

  • Start short and simple. Full body strength sessions, twice a week.
  • Start at home with bodyweight. Then move to bands. Then dumbbells. Then kettlebells. Then see where that takes you!
  • Add it in to what you are already doing for physical activity. Do you run? Add in jumping pullups every time you pass you local park. Do you ski? Create a warmup that uses bands in your garage before you load up the skis and head to the hill.
  • Add in resistance movements to a habit you do regularly. Do you drink coffee every weekend morning in a quiet and calm space? Can you add in a dumbbell squat circuit to complete before you drink said coffee? How about your evening reading habit….could you complete monster walks, planks and weighted lunges before you dive into your book?
  • Be consistent. Same place. Same time. Same environment. Our minds love when we create habits and new routines that are easy, simple and auto-piloted.
  • Watch your words. Everything starts in the mind. So if you tell yourself “I hate strength work”, you will indeed find it super hard to create a new beneficial routine. Instead try reprogramming your mindset with affirmations like “I am strong and open to trying new things that get me closer to my goals.”

Want to learn more about why resistance training is the cats meow? Watch my Facebook Live on the Move Eat Play page for a complete run down on the importance of strength work!

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